AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Where the night is still dark

Among Cyclades, eight and a half hours away from Athens’ lights, Amorgos is Neverland.

Maybe the last place in Europe in which night is still night, without the halo of nearby cities; a world in which for the – rare – driver, give a stranger a lift or invite him at home to have a pasteli is such a normal thing (personal experience).

Amorgos moon

It’s Greece, it’s Amorgos.

The best thing in arriving in Amorgos for the first time is that you get there at night, when the tiny restaurants on the beach are closed, scents are softened and fishermen boats left the harbour. You sneak in an unknown land, find an accomodation and close the window shutters.

The next morning, what you’ll see from your window, will sweep you off your feet.

What the night before, seemed just a rock in the Aegean, mutates with daylight, giving to the glance emerald shores, mediterranean slopes, white villages full of life and hospitality.

You’ll discover that Amorgos is stunning; life flows slowly for real and also an overstressed broker would be relaxed, enjoying colours, scents and wind that seems to never stop blowing between rocks and thyme bushes.

Hozoviotissa alone, would deserve the journey; it’s a church, a monastery, it’s a white lime spot on a-thousand feet cliff rising sheer from blue; the big blue. The one that Luc Besson choose for his cult-movie Le Grand Bleu.

Arriving at night in the port of Aegiali and setting the window open-wide the morning after is an unforgettable experience that leaves something inside you and it’s an experience that I tried personally in the Aegialis Hotel, that is doubtless the best place to be used as base on this small, precious island. Affordable prices, each room has his own small terrace with a view to the south and the wonderful Aegiali Bay. Five Star services and the brand new Lalon Idor SPA that has been designed “around” the landscape, in order to allow one to enjoy the magic of the landscape itself during his welness journey. If running on a tapis roulant in front of a travel-brochure-like view or relaxing in a Jacuzzi looking to a sunset over the Aegean isn’t enough, there will be stone massages, aromatherapy, an hair stylist salon and a very special swimming pool.

Pictures Aegialis Hotel & Spa

In the end it’s Greece, lies in your heart and make you return.

Article by Luca Santarelli

Aegialis Hotel & Spa
Aegiali, Amorgos 84008, Cyclades, Greece
Tel: +30 22850 73393/107 Fax: +30 22850 73395



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  1. I agree. The stars are wonderful and the way the moon moves … sometimes in an unexpected direction (and not always after a Metaxa). Seeing shooting stars is also very special. Your article made me feel I was just arriving at Aegiali in the small hours – and in a couple of weeks I will be! Can’t wait. Sarah

  2. Bradley March 24, 2011

    We too love to see Byron’s “cloudless climes and starry skies” from Amorgos. They just don’t exist in Athens any more – even if the nefos (the pollution cloud) is blessedly absent some nights, the light pollution still blanks out many stars. From our roof in Langada we only have to worry about light pollution from Tholaria! On balance though, years ago I was sitting on the terrace of Niko’s taverna with his father Manolis (a valued friend, now departed) and some of their buddies. I, ever the romantic, wondered aloud at how things had been when there were no street-lights, on such a starry summer night. An older villager said, “I’ll tell you how it was; it was damned dark! Coming back through the village from the mountain and your animals, you caught your foot and fell down. I like the stars but I love the street-lights!”

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