AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
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Luxury Yacht “Antalis” got distressed in Aegiali Port

Amorgos – July, 4th, 2011 – The almost 50m long luxury yacht Antalis (9 passengers, 9 crew members) got distressed in the Bay of Aegiali on July 3rd, 2011 in the late afternoon.

Yacht "Antalis" distressed in Aegiali Port

Yacht “Antalis” distressed in Aegiali Port

The vessel was close to Levrossos beach when water entered one of the open garage like stern doors. Automatic pumps did not come to work and the door could not be closed any more, the ship got list to port. Fisher boat towed the vessel to the port of Agiali. A number of people from Aegiali came up to help, together they were able to tow the boat to the shallow water of Aegiali Beach.

Update July 5th, 2001 from Dimitris Sinodinos (Amorgos Diving Center):
The vessel was set to ground on Aegiali Beach. In the evening the stern door could be closed manually by divers and three water pumps where installed to remove approximately 10 tons of water. Additionally the boat was balanced by  shifting weight pumping fuel into different tanks. After this was done, the vessel was swimming safe on it’s own again, still waiting in Aegiali Port to get permitted to continue it’s cruise.
Fortunately not a driblet of the vessels’ 80 tons of fuel and 2 tons of oil leaked into the sea due to the resolutely effort Aegiali people offered spontanously!

Update July 12th, 2011: Antalis has left the port of Aegialis (check route on
Update August 3rd, 2011: Read an article about the incidence on

Yacht Details

  • Ship Type: Pleasure Craft
  • Length x Breadth: 47 m X 10 m
  • Speed recorded (Max / Average): 15.7 / 14.4 knots
  • Flag: Cayman Is [KY]
  • Read more about ANTALIS
Superyacht Antalis

Superyacht Antalis

Photos from Markos Loudaros


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  1. Wow! What a close call – any idea how this happened? If they’d been anchored at some distant point, no telling what would have happened. Hooray for the abilities of the folks in Aegiali. I gather from the webam that the craft has left Aegiali.

  2. erwin July 6, 2011

    one of the stern doors was opened. it is a door like a small garage, where jetski and tender boat is stored. it could not be closed any more after water splashed through the open door.
    i think the boat is still there and will be checked tomorrow by the boat company.

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