AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Let it Chi – IRIS Center at Aegiali Beach

iris center for alternative holidays, Aegiali - AmorgosMany of Amorgos’ visitors have felt strong energies on the island. There are many who have gone through big changes and transformations in their lives after meeting with Amorgos. Inspired by those people, Karin Oscarson and Vasilis Savvas decided to create a place to meet, learn and grow, combining their interest in holistic therapies and exercises and sustainable living. And so they started the project IRIS.

IRIS today is basically a big beautiful room with wooden floor right on the main [intlink id=”ormos-beach-aegiali” type=”post”]beach of Aegiali[/intlink]. A place to offer an opportunity to deepen the sense of relaxation and wellbeing during holidays through Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching, Meditation classes and workshops as well as private sessions of massage and reiki. During low seasons there are longer retreats on the program and during high season mainly drop-in classes.

From her experience Karin knows that going on holidays is relaxing and rejuvenating in itself but often travellers go back to their everyday life and sooner or later, mostly sooner, the distractions of a stressful lifestyle and environment have thrown that over board.

To really relax is not so easy; there seem to be so much distraction. And even when we are far away from duties, responsibilities and preoccupations we still have our own mind that seems to be in constant rush, not able to leave the past behind or stop thinking about the future. So, is there a way to really relax? Well, yes!

There is a place in ourselves where there is total stillness no matter what happens around us in our lives.

It’s only a question of finding and connecting to that place, which might be easier said than done. We need some kind of tool or technique. And that’s where the IRIS studio comes in: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Massage are now well known for providing means to a profound and satisfying sense of wellbeing. By working from a holistic point of view they strengthen, balance and make our whole body-mind-soul constitution more flexible, open, relaxed and grounded.

iris center for alternative holidays, Aegiali - Amorgos

The combination of IRIS activities and the beauty and laid-back atmosphere of the island is a lovely and meaningful way to spend holidays.

And then you can go back to everyday life rejuvenated, stronger connected to that still space in you and maybe with a little different perspective on what is really important in this amazing thing called life…

To be updated join the IRIS Facebook Group, take a look at the IRIS calendar for events and lessons.

IRIS Studio at Aegiali Beach
tel: 0030 22850 73545
mobile: 0030 6934984775
facebook: IRIS Facebook Group

Karin Oscarson (Owner) is a meditation teacher and practices mindfulness meditation since 1998. She trained in Swedish massage, reiki and other body work since early 90s and has completed a Yoga teacher training in NYSY studios in Athens. She lives on Amorgos since 1993.



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  1. I want to say a very very big Thank you to Karin for having 6 weeks of great Yoga. It´s the most wonderful place to do Yoga. When you there for class, you have on the right side a window with the view to the wild mountans of amorgos and on the left side you have the see and the sound of waves… hmmmmmm´
    Hope to be here next year for 6 weeks of powerful Yoga and fun and great time…..
    Euxaristo para polli

  2. Author
    Iris August 26, 2010

    Maria, Thank you so much for your nice words! I want to thank you also for your participation, your presence and enthusiasm! I enjoyed every moment with you in my class (or participating together in others). Also when you come running the last minute;-)Wish you the best and keep up the practice!

  3. roussou August 30, 2010

    Hello again…. I know that you miss my running in last minute ;-)) In Amorgos it´s easy to forget about time… I will try to practice here what I learned there… It will not be easy without you….
    Have a nice time …

    • Author
      Iris September 1, 2010

      Yes, I know it’s easy to forget about time on this laid-back, chilled-out, relaxed island…. But.. I must say we are still very good in keeping the yoga classes on time. A relaxed sort of discipline…
      And Maria, if it gets too difficult practising just call me and I pop by;-)

  4. nicola September 1, 2010

    for german readers – Elizabeth Gilbert “Lieblingsfach Matte” auf

  5. roussou September 3, 2010

    Hello nicola…
    das ist ein super Artikel über Yoga… so habe ich mich auch gefühlt, als ich zum ersten mal im Iris Studio in Aegiali Yoga mit Karin hatte.
    Ich habe nicht losgeheult, bin aber – wie im Vollrausch – nach Hause geschwebt. Für mich und meinen Rücken und meinen Geist war es die beste Erfahrung…

    • Author
      Iris September 3, 2010

      Ok, Nicola and Maria, I will take german lessons! This sounds like something I should be able to read:-)

      • אני חושב שהאתר הזה צריך להיות רק בגרמנית ולתת להם להמשיך עם זה. כאן ב Amorgos ואנו נחזור בתיבות שלנו.

        • erwin September 4, 2010

          translation: the criteria for langauages in comments is restricted to what i can understand, thats why i really like Amorgos 😉

      • nicola September 4, 2010

        karin – i think liz gilbert is a very popular and also disputed player in the yoga scene. the article on just describes her first contact with yoga in a humouros way. nothing real essential for those who are into deeper expierences.

  6. roussou September 6, 2010

    Geia sou Karin…. Auti i gynaika grafi gia tin proti tis epafi me to yoga. Otan pige tin proti fora na kani yoga den forousa kan rouxa gymnastikis giati nomize oti itane seminario. Kai otan arxisane pisteue oti ine xazo pragma. Auti i gynaika ixe pola xronia provlima me tin plati tis. Otan kanane gymnastiki arxise na katalaveni poso kalo kani stin plati tis kai otan ksaplosane kai kanane to Twist.. arxise na klei… Eklege giati estanthike mia toso galini kai eleftheria auti tin stigmi. Apo tote opou kai na paei se kathe xora kai poli pigeni se yoga classes. Kai leei oti den iparxi good or bad yoga class. Opos kai opou na kanis ine fantastika…
    Isos ama to metafrasis meso google translator bori na to diavasis. I don´t know…
    Filia polla apo tin kria germania

  7. roussou September 6, 2010

    Hello Paul….. I liked what you said !

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