AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Amorgos impressions from Paolo Buatti

The italian, rome based designer Paolo Buatti sent some of his photo and video impressions of Amorgos. He also made a book about Amorgos – Read more about his impressions about Amorgos and his works:

Paolo Buatti

Paolo Buatti

The goats crossing the road, the silence while walking in the white of the town, the colours of the water and the smell of the wild herbs growing everywhere. These are the images that Amorgos left into my brain.
Silence, colours and smell are extremely common words but they have an unique strenght there.
Since I went back to Rome I worked to organize all the stuff i produced during my trip, and then I extrapolated a book and a small video-doc. I’ve been in Amorgos and Santorini so each one of my works is splitted in two parts. This gave me the chance to compare two beauties, two realities, two totally different ways of doing tourism. I feel closer to the Amorgian reality, massive numbers can destroy the peculiarities of a place and sustainability is the only way to preserve it.
Silence in Amorgos gives suspension of time and peace, and I hope to find it again over there in the future.

Take a look at Paolos photo book “Due Cicadi” he did about Amorgos and Santorini – you can also buy this book.

Visit Paolos Homepage

View some of Paolos photos he sent to us:

Thank you Paolo


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