AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Hiking from Asphondilitis to Chalara

The beautiful but demanding hiking trail from Asphondilitis to Chalara beach, beacons to a world of quaint and smooth rocks close to the sea with romantic bathing places.
The starting point for the trip is the farming area of Asphondilitis, located at the footpath between the Monastery of Hozoviotissa and Potamos. Asphondilitis is also accessebly motorized by car or scooter. It is a round trip walk with swimming opportunities at the beach of Chalara.

Trail Details (from Asphondilitis to Chalara)
Length: 2,6 km
Total Ascent: 70 m
Total Descent: 308 m
Highest Point: 336 m
Roundtrip Walking Time: 1:30 to 2:00 hours

Please note: the trail to Chalara absolutely requires walking boots, some hiking experience, good weather conditions and kilter. For the last 600 meters we recommend to use gps based navigation.
Bring enough water with you!
Download GPX/KMZ file in the widget right beneath

Follow the smooth ascending mule track from the old village Asphondilitis to Potamos passing the water cisterns for 1,1 km. At this point where the path turns dexterwise to Chalara, it starts dismounting and becomes rougher. On both sides are a few farmhouses and terraces, some of them are still kept in use. After 2 kilometers the trail leads into steper and craggy terrain. Once outpacing the last small farmhouse right-hand, the trail  is nearly unmarked. The path leads to a fence with a small gate to walk through. The unmarked track routes left-sided until it crosses the last plateau with the the impressive rocks and deep blue sea of Chalara at it’s bottom.


The track for climbing down to the tempting natural veranda of Chalara beach, is close to the ridge on the right. By descending one should steadily check back the trail and memorize the last part of the route, wich is very helpful to find the way back easier.

Cave at Chalara Beach

The wide terraces of the picturesque smooth Chalara rocks surrounded by caves and rivulets of sweet water, are perfect for peaceable sunbathing and swimming. Due to it’s exposed position some goats, who seem to love this unique place too, are often the only spa visitors one meets.

To see more pictures of the walk, also taken from the seaside, check our Facebook album.

For any further informations contact Amorgos Diving Center in Aegiali. They are also hiking experts and will support you with tips, equipment and guiding activities.
Amorgos Diving Center, Email:
Tel/Fax: +30-22850-73611, Mobile Tel: +30-693-2249538


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  1. We found it quite difficult to find our way back up from Chalara to begin with. Now we take some coloured tape to tie to the bushes – easy to see from below and to remove on our way back. Wonderful swimming but beware windy days!

  2. We have now had many people find their way on this route using our new book ( I should insist that you all buy a copy but here you go this is the tricky bit:

    …………the trail is nearly unmarked

    ‘The only slight confusion is after the last house on the right when you get into a boulder strewn area with many tall bushes. First you see a small cave on your right. The path continues over the boulder ridge straight ahead. A little further down you come across a huge rock, bear left around it and over the boulders ahead to break out of the bushy area. You will see the bay of Halara down to your left’

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