AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Hiking Amorgos: Books & Maps

In this article, we will introduce some books and maps which will help you to get all the informations to discover [intlink id=”hiking-on-amorgos” type=”page”]walking and hiking on Amorgos[/intlink] well prepared. You can buy this books and maps online before you travel to Amorgos, but you will get books and maps also in stores on the island.

Amorgos – A Walker’s & Visitor’s Guide

Amorgos - A Walker's & Visitor's GuideA brand new hiking guide published in 2010 by two experts who know what they are talking about. Paul and his wife Henrietta Delahunt-Rimmer, two former Royal Air Force officers discovered the Secret Jewel of the Cyclades years ago and since the days they fell in love with Amorgos, they researched the island in many fields – especially Eco-Tourism and Hiking. So it is a must-have for hikers on Amorgos.

“Few guides to any destination impart such a wealth of intimate information. Before you ever lace up your walking boots – which is what the book is really about – look at the background sections on the island past and present. This is not the stuff of academic research but comes direct from people whose families go back to the time of Ariadne.” Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes was the founding editor of ITV’s holiday series Wish You Were Here…? and is a prize-winning travel writer.

This guide book is for discerning visitors to the island who are interested in learning about the ‘real’ Amorgos. The authors introduced walking tours to the island in 1999 and have established it as a primary destination in the Greek islands for walkers. After many years of guiding clients and even local people to some of the amazing sights described they now reveal all. This book takes you to hidden places previously never recorded or seen by visitors without guides – hidden coves, crystal deposits, caves, Neolithic mines, ruined villages, unlisted 6,500 year old archaeological sites, to name just a few – the ‘secrets’ of the ‘Secret Jewel’.

Price 14.00€ / £12.99 free postage and packing worldwide.
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Walking the Greek IslandsWalking the Greek Islands

Amorgos, Naxos, Paros, Eastern and Northern Cyclades: 50 Walks on 12 Islands; GPS Data [Paperback]

Describes the best and oldest walking trails. It includes detailed maps, exact times, GPS points and colour photographs of outstanding places – and lots of information about the “islands of light”. Olive groves, forsaken monasteries, the scent of thyme, sleepy villages, Byzantine chapels, secluded coves, there is much to be discovered on the Cyclades.

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Amorgos Map 1:35.000

Amorgos – 1:35.000
The few and relatively recent asphalt roads on Amorgos have not been laid over the old network of byways, leaving much of it intact for visitors to use. The footpaths are well – marked and one can travel the whole island on foot.

Publish Year: 2006
Publisher: Anavasi
ISBN: 960-8195-31-4

Price: € 6,00, Digital Version: € 18,00
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