AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

DISCOtheQUE at Aegiali Beach

Disco the Que or just “Q” seems to be the hottest beach cafe/bar/disco on the island. Located straight in front of Aegiali Beach, this relaxing place offers a great view, relaxing atmosphere, cool music, great artwork and a wide range of healthy, creative mediterranean food like risotto, rice and chicken or vegetarian food.

Que, Aegiali Beach

As it’s name indicates, it’s not just a restaurant, it’s a disco with various kinds of music (funk, trance, jazz, rock) that keeps going late into the night.

Mimi the Boss

Mimi the Boss

The Q has a long tradition since it was started now 30 years ago by the amorgian artist Mimi (Dimitri Theologitis), who is still the patron and looking for the most creative contemporary design and architecture of the place, which has an easy-going atmosphere, where you will feel well immediately – dazes and nites – like the two generations before you. Mimi created a lot of details, most of the artwork and furnitures are designed by himself and permanently. The sandy place beside the outdoor sitting area with the little church is a well loved sleeping place for backpackers.

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