AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010

Essential Infos & Telephone Numbers

This section will provide you hopefully most of the essential informations and contacts you need to feel save during your stay at the island, like medical oder transportation services. If you like to have all the informations with you as a hardcopy get a print version of this page.

Banking & Money

There is just ONE Bank in Katapola – opposite to the ferry pier. Teller Machines can be found at following locations:

  • Chora – close to the main parking lot
  • Port of Katapola – opposite to the ferry pier
  • Port of Aegiali – opposite to the ferry pier
Please be aware of possibly problems with the teller machines. They sometimes do NOT work properly!

Creditcards will not be accepted in all the taverns and shops!

Mobile Phone and WiFi

Amorgos WifiYour mobile phone will work nearly on the whole island.
On many public places, taverns, restaurants you can find free wifi-hotspots (see tag Wifi Access),


Discovering Amorgos means to be mobile. Amorgos offers a network of asphalt streets between all villages and a number of graveled roads.

  • The local Bus service covers the main routes, timetable seasonally changes and can be found in main bus stations and supermarkets.
  • You can find Taxis in the main villages and ports or call them to pick you up (see telephone numbers below).
  • A number of Rental Services provide small cars, scooters and squads, this seems to be an appropriate way to reach most places of the island (daily car rates start at 20,- Euros/day). 2 Gas stations: on the street from Katapola to Chora and one in Aegiali (close to the Camp site.
  • Once a day a local Ferry commutes between Katapola and Aegiali during the main season (timetable).
  • Bicycles are rare and only used by island people within the villages. Rental bicycles can be found at Amorgos Diving Center

Medical Care

There is  a main Health Center in Chora and some regional Medical Practices on the island (see telephone numbers below). Be aware: in case of severe diseases or injuries transport to the next hospital will be done by helicopter!
Also notice when you are hiking: take enough water with you, be careful and avoid any kind of riskful actions – emergency infrastructures on the island may not be organized that perfect than for example in the alps!
Note: Regional medical centres are only manned usually one morning a week.

Amorgos Phone NumbersImportant Telephone Numbers

Country Code Greece: +30 > Island Area Code: 22850

LocationServiceTelefone Number
KatapolaAgricultural Bank of Greece+30 22850 71871
ChoraCitizen Service Center
+30 22850 74100
ChoraDental Surgery+30 22850 74217
KatapolaDental Surgery+30 22850 71005
ChoraDevelopment Company of Municipal Department+30 22850 71257
ChoraHealth Center of Amorgos+30 22850 71207
KatapolaMedical Practice / Main +30 22850 71805
AegialiMunicipal Department+30 22850 73350
KatapolaMunicipal Department+30 22850 71257
ArkesiniMunicipal Department+30 22850 72254
TholariaMunicipal Department+30 22850 73390
VroutsiMunicipal Department+30 22850 71361
ChoraMunicipal of Amorgos Call Center
+30 22850 6020
AegialiPharmacy+30 22850 73173
OrmosPharmacy+30 22850 74042
ChoraPolice+30 22850 71210
AegialiPolice+30 22850 73320
TholariaMedical Practice+30 22850 73170
ArkensiniMedical Practice+30 22850 72250
VroutsiMedical Practice+30 22850 74070
KolofanaMedical Practice+30 22850 72330
AegialiMedical Practice+30 22850 73222
KatapolaTaxi: Despotidis Antonis+30 6944743090
ChoraTaxi: Kapele Ioannis+30 6973 988702
AegialiTaxi: Lamnatos Staurus+30 6932 103077
AegialiTaxi: Liviakis Nikos+30 6937 883838
AegialiPort Authority+30 22850 73620
KatapolaPort Authority+30 22850 71259
AegialiPost Office+30 22850 73037
ChoraPost Office+30 22850 71250
KatapolaPost Office+30 22850 71496