AMORGOS, the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades is a stunner,
with whitewashed houses, trestled alleyways and fiery rust sunsets ...
Kevin Raub in New York Post, 2010
Bus timetable (example)

Bus Timetable (SAMPLE!)

If you don’t use your vehicle, there is a bus service nearly all over the island. Bus routes are regular although quite infrequent, a few per day, depending on the season. There is frequent bus service between Katapola and the Capital (Chora), also the bus service between Aegiali and Katapola works well.

The actual timetables you will find in the main bus stations and in supermarkets or restaurants and on our Facebook page. The fairs are really fair, between 1 and 3 Euros.

Bus Stops on Amorgos

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